Cable Pullers

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½ to 1½ Metric tonne capacity


  • 3 Hook design allows 1 or 2 part rigging for a choice of capacity and lift
  • Galvanized aircraft quality wire rope, stainless springs and plated external parts for corrosion resistance
  • C3400 has a lightweight aluminum frame. P2000 has a formed steel frame. Both have a one piece cast aluminum drum
  • C3400 has an overload indicating reversible handle that changes position easily, so pull is always possible in the right direction against the load. The handle on the C3400 bends noticeably when overloaded
  • Safety Latches on alloy steel load hooks
  • “One notch at a time” ratchet and pawl lowering for precise load control
  • Buttress tooth with solid steel drive and holding dog, no laminated plates
  • Spring steel drum shield helps protect and spool cable evenly on drum
  • Meets: ASME/ANSl B30.21, OSHA and NASA-STD-8719.9
  • ATEX rated  II 3 GD c IIB 54º C X for limited use in Hazardous Environments
1-1 Cable Pullers
1-13 Cable Pullers

Dual Rated

1-368 Cable Pullers
thumb_117_model-l-6 Cable Pullers

*Minimum Load is the load required to activate the automatic load brake.

(1) Shipping weight can be estimated by adding approx. 15% to “W” hanging weight

Standard lift is 5, 10, 15 and 20 ft. Custom lifts are available.

Order by descriptive model number, example: Model LA032-20UV

Model -Lift -Drop Option
LA032 -20U S = With Shipyard hooks includes top and bottom  (1.5 & 3t only)
V = With Overload protection
L = Self Locking Hook (Top & Bottom)
1-377 Cable Pullers
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1-378-275x300 Cable Pullers