Hand Chain Hoists MA Series

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½ to 30 Metric tonne capacity


  • Increased efficiency by additional pinion shaft bearing and close tolerances
  • Hook blocks are bolted allowing complete hook inspection
  • Lightweight and durable all steel construction with powder coated finish and plated frame components to resist corrosion
  • Premium USA-Made Grade 80 zinc plated alloy load chain
  • Hand chain opening is formed with a radius for smooth operation
  • Sealed ball bearings on the chain wheel maximize efficiency and serviceability
  • Self-adjusting double pawl disc type mechanical load brake insures positive load control
  • Double roller guide insures load chain tracking
  • Optional Overload Protection is a one directional clutch that will only slip in the lift direction
  • Meets: ASME/ANSl B3O.16, OSHA, NASA-STD-8719.9 and EU Directives: 98/37/EC
  • ATEX rated II 3 GD c IIB 54º C X for limited use in Hazardous Environments
1-361 Hand Chain Hoists MA Series
1-362 Hand Chain Hoists MA Series
1-363 Hand Chain Hoists MA Series

(1) Shipping weight can be estimated by adding approx, 15% to “W” hanging weight.

Standard lift is 10, 15 and 20 ft. Standard hand chain drop is 2 ft less than lift. Custom lifts are available.

Order by descriptive model number, example: Model MA050-20-18UV

Base Model -Lift -Drop Option
MA050 -20 -18U V = Overload Protection
 L = Self Locking Hook (Top & Bottom)
1-364 Hand Chain Hoists MA Series
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1-365 Hand Chain Hoists MA Series
1-366 Hand Chain Hoists MA Series
thumb_117_model-l-5 Hand Chain Hoists MA Series