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Retractables General Information

Ultra-Safe Specific Product Information

Ultra-Safe – retractables, in accordance with DIN EN 360, are produced for maximum durability using outstanding technology for the demanding conditions of the workplace. All the components important to the devices functionality are made from rustproof material, aluminum or stainless steel and shockproof plastic. This sturdy method of construction ensures that Ultra-Safe retractables are always reliable in use and especially low-maintenance.

The Ultra-Safe retractable is similar to a car safety belt in the way it functions. A restoring spring keeps the rope or polyamide strap, depending on the model, taught allowing it to respond immediately in the event of a fall without a slack rope.

If the working speed (approx. 4.5 feet/sec.) is exceeded, the brake pawls, which activate the brake system, lock into place as a result of centrifugal forces. The fall absorption required for the retractables is attained via a new type of disk brake system which can only be set from the inside.

Brake values, which you can see on the diagram opposite,
are independent of any weather situation.

All Ultra-Safe retractables are constructed according to DIN EN
360 and have the requisite test approvals (CE 0299).

Ultra-Safe retractables are used when working on high buildings,
chimneys, roofs and at other workplaces involving a fall hazard.
We also provide solutions for safety-relevant and problematic work areas (e.g. silos, shafts).

Requirements corresponding to the new draft of DIN EN 360:

“Retractables for horizontal use”

To put things simply: Ultra-Safe retractables fulfill this standard!
All our retractables are tested in accordance with the requirements based on the new draft of DIN EN 360 (retractables) and have the requisite test approvals.

Ultra-Safe retractables are certified in accordance with CE by the test and certification body of the “Personal Safety Equipment” technical committee. The functional capability of the retractables is guaranteed by testing them in extreme situations (e.g. heat, cold, damp).

The new draft of DIN EN 360 requires that all retractables are also tested in horizontal use. Falling over a sharp edge in particular is tested for this. The tests have fully confirmed that Ultra-Safe retractables satisfy this new standard.

List of the requirements
for the new DIN EN 360:

Design and ergonomics
Materials and construction
Blocking after pre-treatment

  • – Blocking in a horizontal position
    Static load bearing capacity
  • – Static load bearing capacity for horizontal applications
    Dynamic performance
  • – Dynamic performance for horizontal applications
  • – Dynamic load bearing capacity for horizontal applications

Optional requirement in respect to fatigue strength
Corrosion resistance
Identification and information
Maximum arrest distance of 54 inches.
Average arrestig force not to exceed 900 lbs.

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