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Transport Grade 70

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Grade 70 Domestic Transport Chain (NACM)

Transport chain is considered the chain of choice for load binding applications. It is also well suited for tie-downs, towing and logging operations. Its strength to weight ratio exceeds that of Proof Coil and High Test. Transport chain meets Department of Transportation regulations. Order unit is foot. NOT FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING.

All G70 domestic chain (5/16, 3/8, 1/2) is stamped with the Working Load Limit every 10 links as shown.

Grade 70 Import Transport Chain (Short Link)

Grade 70 was designed specifically to provide a light, yet strong chain for binding, tie-downs, towing and construction use. Made from avariety of medium carbon and alloy materials. Induction heat treated, the chain meets all requirements set by the Department of Transportation (DOT), CCMTA & CVSA for truck tie-down use. Manufactured to ASTM 80 short link specs or NACM long link specs for reduced weight. Order unitis foot.


Full Drum

Half Drum

5 Gallon Round Pail

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